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Testimonials - Konjac Sponges

“...I took a photo after the first night using it, just over two weeks ago and then mid trying to fix my eyebrows today I realised how soft my skin was and how my dark spots have faded, which for yonkies I've been trying to fade! It's literally all thanks to this "konjac sponge."... I also started this when using benzac caused me to develop a rash and within 2 days of using the sponge the rash + dry skin was gone. I can't stress enough how much I love this product!”


“I have found the charcoal sponges great. I have lots of breakouts and since I have been using a konjac sponge they have lessened and the redness has gone away. I find it difficult to find something that helps my skin but I have enjoyed using the sponge especially because it does not sting my skin and it isn't hard to use.”


"Well today my daughter Lucy used her sponge for the first time (she is 15 and as i said to u soooo hard to get her to focus on skin care).  Well her skin is looking soooo very simply isn't as oily and is instantly glowing ....and not dry!  LUCY IS THRILLED!!! This is the first day, so what is in store, I don't know ...I am excited.    I am thrilled because these sponges were NOT expensive, and are so easy and quick to use....I am also using one on my eczema on my skin, I did use it this morning, I will get back to you about how it goes... I AM A FAN!!!!! Thank you"


Testimonials - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

This product has changed the life of my hair, so easy to use, smells amazing and love the fact that it saves so much room in my shower. And nice knowing that this product is natural. Thank you so much xx 


I have been using this combo for the past 6-8 weeks. Awesome results for my grey/white hair - definite reduction in flaky, itchy scalp too. Hair feels soft and looks really healthy. Cannot see me ever going back to shampoo in bottles ever again. Can't recommend this wonderful product enough!


I went recently to a Go green Expo and by chance discovered this shampoo bars. For the sake of the environment I decided to give it try....and I regret I haven't done it earlier! I have really long hair and I loved how easy to use is, you don't need much, and it doesn't stay soggy after using it. I am going to spread the word! :)