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Konjac sponge FAQ:

Before use, wash the sponge thoroughly. We recommend plunging it in water and squeezing several times.

If the sponge has dried out, always allow it to fully absorb water before putting against your skin.

Gently massage the face and body in circular motion all over, to exfoliate dead skin cells, and deeply cleanse. The massaging will stimulate tired skin & encourage skin renewal. Soap or cleansing solution can be added to the sponge if desired, but is not necessary.

Your sponge should last between 1 and 3 months, depending on how well you treat it, but once it starts to look tired, or starts to break down. Please replace it. The better care you take of your sponge, the longer it will last.

For extended longevity of your sponge, always squeeze out excess moisture after use and allow it to hang in an airy place to dry. Never store it inside the shower cubicle. A damp environment will shorten its life and allow this natural product to start to decompose!

Rinse sponge before and after use & allow to air dry (that’s what the little hanging string is for on the Puff sponges!)

Do not wring, as this may damaged the sponge.

Sponge hardens when dry, so always re-hydrate in warm water before use again.

Discard if damaged. Can be composted after you have finished with the sponge.

Feel free to pop in the bottom of a plant pot after use or dig into the garden! The sponge will help water your plants by holding the moisture for it!

The average is about 3 months, but that depends on use and care. Hang to dry, rinse everytime its used and don't wring it, for maximum life.

Yes, feel free to boil the sponge for a few minutes in a pan of boiling water if you want. Perfect for beauty therapists who want to reuse the sponge on their clients

Yes! It's excellent for all skin types and for children. Our Clay and Charcoal range means you can tackle more specific skin problems or types. Perfect for problem skin, dry, skin, oily skin and spot prone skin.

Yes, again, it will certainly help. By gently but deeply cleansing, the sponge will remove the impurities that are causing the spots, and help remove infection. We would recommend our Charcoal Bamboo sponge for this problem.

Yes, the sponge is fantastic for problem sensitive skin. There are no chemicals and no impurities, so no irritants. We would very highly recommend the use of the sponge for all skin conditions such as eczema.

Yes, very definitely. Nothing to irritate, and better still, no need for any other cleansing solution, shampoo of body wash for baby unless you really wantt! In fact even if you do decide you want to use a bath wash, you can use far less product, so no need to dry or irritate babies skin with a product that will strip delicate skin of essential moisture.

Every day. Make the sponge your part of your daily regime. Simply use the sponge morning and evening, just whenever you would wash or cleanse your face.

Shampoo Bars FAQ:

Wet hair thoroughly. Wet shampoo bar, lather well into hands or rub the wet shampoo bar straight onto scalp and rub through hair to create desired lather.  Follow with conditioner by rubbing between hands or straight onto hair and combing through. 

Apply to damp hair, wrap hair in hot towels or glad wrap leave on for 20 minutes then rinse out.  

Around 60 washes.

No they will not, there are no sulfates or chemicals in the bars so they will not damage your hair. The purple shampoo brightens and removes brassy tones from blonde and silver hair.