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Our Story

Splash and Ko was established in 2020 by Toby, Annie and Kate to create an easier experience for the loyal customers of the Splash Shampoo and Conditioner bars and At1 Konjac sponges. Both these loved and respected products have been on the market for 2 years and 10 years respectively.

The ‘facelift’ of the company comes with a new website, new packaging and a promise to continue the core values of the former owner/s which is to reduce packaging waste, continue with natural and naturally derived ingredients in our products and bring great hair and skin care products to everyone.

Meet the Faces Behind the Business

The three of us, Toby, Annie and Kate live and run the business from our home in Piha. Having the ocean on our doorstep has given us the passion to protect and preserve Mother Nature. Working up the ranks from demonstrating at home shows to working in the office, the three of us have learnt many skills needed to take on the new role as owners. Taking over the business from Jane and Bruce has allowed us the privilege to not only make a difference in the areas that matter to us but to bring new ideas and new products to an ever-improving sustainable market.

Hi, I’m Toby and I run the mail order room, my job is getting your bars and sponges to you as quick as possible! Being a surfer, I wanted to make a positive contribution and give back to the environment that has given me so much in my life, by trying to reduce the amount of plastic consumed. Having fine, straight hair, the NZ sea salt bar is my favourite as it gives me the soft washed smell but also provides me with the textured out of the surf feel. I use the loess sponge morning and night to help my acne and reduce scarring. I hope to make a difference in people’s outlook towards the use of plastic and supply you with your next favourite skin and hair care products.

Hey, my name is Annie and I take care of all our beautiful shampoo and conditioner bars. Each bar is hand crafted by myself from the purest natural ingredients from Mother Nature. You can ensure your hair is in great hands, considering all hair types and creating the perfect recipe that is natural but also performs at a high salon quality standard. My mission is to ensure that all customers that want to make the change to a natural product don’t regret the decision. I believe the naturally sourced ingredients create the highest standard of quality for your hair. Your hair is one of your greatest assets and I believe you should treat it as such. I myself have fine, thin, blonde hair that is easily damaged and have struggled with creating volume in the past, but not anymore! My favourite shampoo bar would have to be the purple bar, taking away my yellow tones, highlighting my blonde and giving me brighter hair. I always follow with the conditioner bar to give me a silky shiny finish. With our company I hope to make a difference to the environment by getting everyone on board. No more plastic bottles. Solid shampoo is the newest greatest invention. Make the change you want to see by jumping on board with us, sometimes less truly is more.

Hey, I’m Kate and I run the social media and administration side of Splash and Ko! Growing up surrounded by forever changing trends the temptation to try the next best thing is always there. However, I’ve finally cracked it and decided that simplicity is key. Morning and night, I use our green tea konjac sponge to heal my eczema and do my usual routine. In the shower I use our nourish shampoo bar and conditioner bar to moisturise and clean my sun- and salt- damaged, thick hair. I hope to make everyone’s day slightly easier with three simple products, all the while reducing plastic use as much as I can.